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Tad, Brenda and Kiera – Clear Windows – Sumpter

Moving to Sumpter was the best choice we ever made.

Tad: We moved up to Sumpter to help out my parents. Brenda went to work for Mike who was the previous owner of Clear Windows. I was doing odd jobs around town and helping old folks out. Mike decided he wanted to sell the business and he kept asking Brenda, saying, “You guys should buy the business!” We didn’t really have that kind of money, but some of the people that I worked for took an interest in our story. We didn’t know them that well, but they took a chance on us and loaned us the money. One day we all sat down together and Mike was there and we made a deal and signed the contracts and we took over the next day. We were able to pay the loan back within a couple of months and we’ve been trying to hustle and come up with new ideas.

Brenda: When we bought the business, Mike gave me a box of customer cards with info about their houses and I worked with a couple of them last summer so they remembered me. Sometimes I think to myself, “Look at me now. Who would have thought when I was cleaning these windows last year that I would come back this year as the owner!” We hear everybody’s stories. We’re there for about three hours so we have deep conversations. They follow me around inside or Tad outside while we clean and it’s really cool. We have both residential and commercial accounts. We’re going to get some scaffolding soon because our jobs keep getting bigger and bigger. It’s been getting super busy and it’s not even our busy season yet.

We wanted to get a decal on our truck so everybody could see our business name. It’s a really happy truck, especially when we shoot bubbles out of it with our bubble guns. People will follow us for miles because they want to get our number. It’s so awesome. Sometimes we’re grocery shopping and we come back to the truck and people are taking a picture of it and we’ve met some amazing people.

Kiera loves Geiser-Pollman Park and the all-abilities playground. She thinks this is her park. When Baker was competing to get funding to build the playground, Kiera and all these other handicapped kids had their photos and their stories on the flyer. Baker got the most votes and won the funding. The playground brings the special needs kids together with the regular kids and they learn from each other. Everybody’s respectful towards each other. Kiera sees the other kids doing something and then she’ll try it. She’s pretty brave. Having our own business helps us because Kiera has special needs and it allows us to set our own hours so we can take her to appointments and arrange hospital stays. Owning Clear Windows has been wonderful and moving to Sumpter was the best choice we ever made.

More more information, contact Tad or Brenda Williams at Clear Windows, 541-233-3258.