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Silas Carter – Baker City

“I’ll be a senior at Baker High School next year. This last year was hard with masks and online classes, but we survived. When we finally got to go back to school in person, it was really nice – being with everybody I hadn’t seen in over a year. I play soccer and baseball right now and the seasons during Covid were insanely short – only five weeks. We didn’t really get to practice. Our baseball team has been playing together for a very long time and we had a big senior squad. That was pretty nice. So baseball wasn’t too different. But soccer was different because there were a bunch of freshmen and sophomores on the team. We just met our teammates and then, it was “Let’s go!” And right away we played games. We didn’t have time to get to know each other, to mesh, as well as if we had a full season together. It was fun, but it was just different.”

What positions do you play and what are your stats?

“In baseball I’m a relief pitcher and I play second base. In soccer I’m goalie and play defense. I don’t know my baseball stats, but in soccer I averaged 35 saves a game.

I hope to play sports in college. I want to try to walk on with soccer. I’m going to soccer camp in Salt Lake City this summer. It’s four days, three hours a day, and it’s only for goalies. They take your video for scouting and there’s a few Division 2 and Division 3 schools there. It’s a camp so I’ll get feedback about what I need to improve and I’ll see how I compare with other seniors. I’ve always wanted to go to OSU, but that was before I wanted to play sports. OSU has a really good engineering program. I’ve heard it’s one of the best. So if sports don’t work out, there’s still engineering. Both my sisters go to OSU and both my parents graduated from there.”

Tell us something that people don’t know about you, Silas.

“I have a weird eye. My left eye is 20/20, but my right eye is terrible When people see me without my contacts, they say I look like a cat. It’s caused by a hole in my iris (the colored part of the eye). Have you ever seen Lord of the Rings? The character Sauron has eyes like mine. I take in around 33.5% more sunlight than a normal person. I have special contact lenses that are like sunglasses. They create a pinhole effect for my pupils to focus, and they also block out some of the sunlight. When I was younger, before I had eye surgery, they called me Squints because I always went around with my eyes slightly closed. My dad always says to me, ‘How are you able to play sports so well when you can’t see sh*t?!’”