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Shelley Guerri – Huntington

It started out with something I love…

“I have always wanted to have a little shop with candles, crystals, and coffee that would be a fun, cozy place to hang out. We started kicking around the idea, and my husband said we could use this little house we already have. He has been very supportive and gutted and remodeled the house. Our official opening day was October 24th, 2020. I work full time already, Monday thru Thursday. I am a mom and we also have another business. I have no days off, but really enjoy hanging out in the shop and talking with our customers.

It is a little shop for Huntington, so I am surprised with how many people have come in from other areas. Local customers come in for coffee as well as some other unique items I have here. About 90% of our customers buy the blended coffees. I also sell a lot of Tarot cards, rocks, and crystals. I make an all-natural lavender ointment for skin that has been popular. The lavender magic “bomb” is extremely popular! I started experimenting with making different products when things shut down last year due to COVID. I had harvested a bunch of lavender from my house and researched how to make ointments, room sprays, and other all-natural products. It started out with something I love and I have enjoyed learning how to make smoothies, coffees, and other special items for the store. My vision was to have unique items you cannot find in typical stores.

Cauldron and Crow is open Friday thru Sunday, and we will extend the hours in the summertime. It can be hit or miss with store hours, so I encourage people to check our Facebook page @cauldronandcrowshop or call before planning a trip.”