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Randy Stadler and Juan Robles – Baker City

I thought, ‘What a great neighbor!’

Randy Stadler
Randy Stadler

“Last year, Juan and his wife, Blanca, moved in across the street. I hadn’t met him yet when he saw me working in the yard and came over to offer to help split and stack firewood. And then later he helped me finish my roof. I thought, ‘What a great neighbor!’

We talked and I asked him if he rode bikes. The first time we went to Phillips Reservoir. I was amazed that he finished because I thought his bike would fall apart before we made it around the lake! I had to get him hooked on cycling so he would realize that his Walmart bike is not what a real bike is about. I lent him one of my daughters’ mountain bikes the next time. And then I gave him a Giant OCR road bike that had been my wife, Sabrina’s. She died four years ago. Juan and I started riding together quite a bit at Phillips and around the valley. He even bought himself a new Specialized BigHit mountain bike.

Juan Robles

In July I was riding at Phillips alone and had a freak accident while crossing the bridge. My bike got caught in the bushes and I flew off and flipped over the railing onto a huge rock. I wasn’t even going fast! I had multiple tears in my rotator cuff and had to have surgery. I’m still in physical therapy and I haven’t been able to ride outside for months. I’ve just been using my stationary bike at home. But I’m about ready to get back on the road. And then I’m gonna kick Juan’s butt!”