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I think the skill of showing up, is not to be underrated.”

Barb O, Baker City

What do you think is an important skill to have?

Barb O

“I think an important basic skill is how to show up. How to show up for other people, for work, for yourself. I imagine that’s a bunch of skills combined. Maybe it’s how to commit to yourself or commit to a job or commit to someone. And I think it can be a challenge because, internally and externally, there are a lot of demands on your time and your attention and I think it can be hard to focus and really show up for people, to be present with other people. Or to concentrate on a project or job or any effort. There’s so much distraction and, for me anyway, monkey-mind. Certainly in these days of smart phones, my own distraction and others’ distraction has increased. I think about how I’ve felt insulted, or dismissed, when someone turns to their phone when we have been mid-conversation or mid-visit and they just disappear. Then when you do it to others and you don’t recognize it till later and you realize you probably hurt someone’s feelings. I think the skill of showing up is not to be underrated.”