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Leah Michel – Baker City to Cortona Italy

I need to move to Italy.

Leah Michel

“I was born in Idaho Falls, but basically I’ve lived here since I was a baby. I left for school, came back, left for acupuncture school, came back, and have had my Pin and Tonics acupuncture business for seven and a half years. So now, I’m moving my holistic health care business online and moving to Italy. Yes, I’m excited!

So I was sitting on my couch last year, towards the beginning of the pandemic. And I was feeling sorry for myself, and it literally just dropped into my soul. ‘I need to move to Italy.’ And it started this flurry of online looking and getting hooked up with people who have moved there and know how to move there well. But honestly, I didn’t find the space that I’m moving to until the last week of January. I’ll be northeast of Rome and southeast of Florence in Cortona which is where Under the Tuscan Sun (by Frances Mayes) was written and filmed. So yes, I’ll be leaving Baker, to go to Colorado for several weeks, and then I’ll be leaving the US to move to Italy in April!”

Leah’s visit to Venice Italy