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Kristen McAdams – Baker City

“I love to talk about Baker City and the community. I’m a natural salesman for Baker. I may be biased because I was born and raised here, but I do travel a lot and I try to explore as much as possible. It’s just as simple as driving back to town from either side of the valley. As soon as you go over the hills and see those mountains, it’s just breathtaking. I work in real estate and sometimes I wonder, do people just drive by, see this view, and think, ‘Let’s move here!’? I’m spoiled because I get to look at it every day all day, but you really don’t know how pretty it is until you leave and go other places. And while there’s lots of other beautiful places in the world, we’re just very fortunate to live where it’s so gorgeous. It’s also a small, pretty safe town, a tight-knit little community which I like. There’s a sense of friendship and you always know somebody out and about. I enjoy raising my son here because it’s safe and I like what I can teach him in our rural area. While we might miss out on some of the big city amenities and educational opportunities, I feel like we have good teachers here and I can teach my son how to plow a field, how to work on a car (actually my husband will teach him that, not me!), going outside and hiking, survival skills, and how to be a nice person. He’s been on a boat and camping with us since he was six months old. We are very fortunate to have a good family base in Baker City. Hank has all his grandparents in town and my sister also just moved back to Baker from Eugene and that has been a blessing since we are so close.

I do struggle with a lack of connection right now, going back to 2020 and the beginning of the pandemic. No matter what you believe about what’s happening in our world, it affects you. But my peace at home, with my immediate family, and with my close friends – the pandemic can’t change the love that you have for your people. And while it can be scary and unknown, I think it’s important to hone in on that. I almost thought there was a lot of blessing with the pandemic that maybe people concentrated more on what’s important and kind of slowed down life a little bit. I’m a social person, so not being able to socialize or travel, that part was a bit tough. People got used to doing things from home in isolation and behind screens. But I also feel like we had that issue before the pandemic. I feel like my generation, and even generations after me, get nervous making appointments, talking on the phone, looking people in the eye, and carrying on conversations. It’s important to get back to that. We’re losing human connection, a sense of communication, and learning how to relate to people and be open minded to other people. We need to get more of that.

I started six years ago in real estate and just really liked it. I’ve always liked looking at houses – that’s the fun part, right? I’ve always worked in customer service and that has helped me in real estate because I really like getting to know my clients and helping them become a part of Baker – whether they’ve lived here a long time or are coming in from somewhere else. They’re going to be a part of the community and I’m going to be a part of that. And so I try to keep all my relationships with my clients strong. I’ve worked for two awesome companies in town and I recently went out on my own and started KM Real Estate Co. It has been a fantastic change of pace even with the changes the pandemic has brought to the real estate world. Nobody knew what to expect, but I’ve had my best year yet during the pandemic. I think a lot of people were figuring out what was important to them during the pandemic. Some people had the option to work remotely and they made the decision to relocate because they wanted more of a simple, slow paced life. We did get a lot of big city folks interested in buying in Baker City even with prices skyrocketing. Many buyers were getting frustrated with being outbid by cash buyers with more spending power, but I feel like the market is leveling out now and I am seeing more first time home buyers get into their homes. Now the market is starting to correct a little, but we still have low inventory which will drive a seller’s market so we’ll see how that plays out next year along with interest rate increases and decreases.

I think it’s important to talk about what’s happening in the world today, but there’s a happy balance of not overthinking a lot of things because it can really make you sad or depressed or angry. You need to let that go if it’s starting to affect your inner peace. We’re always going to have political issues, changing prices, world events, and judgment, but it’s important how you handle those conversations. I’ve learned a lot from talking to people about the pandemic and about things that are happening in our community, but I’ve also noticed that I’m not getting as many friendly hellos and people are nervous to talk to one another. But we can change that. I just hope people can be a little bit more open minded and not be afraid to have a different opinion, but be respectful of other people too. A little kindness goes a long way.”

For more info about Kristen, contact KM Real Estate Co. at 541-519-5436, mcadamsk@kw.com