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David Tizekker – Aslan Financial Group – Baker City

My family is my life.

“I was born and raised in the Boise area and studied finance in college. One summer I went on a missions trip with a group called CRU in Lake Tahoe, California. I met my wife there and we got married in 1993. We have nine children. My oldest is 26 and married and lives in Texas. And my youngest is four years old. My family is my life. A lot of people my age are empty nesters. I see my friends on Facebook and they say, “Oh, we’re all doing this and that. Our kids are graduated and we’re having fun.” And I have a four year old! It is certainly exciting to have young kids at home. It’s fun and keeps me young. My wife was a certified teacher so she’s been able to home school all our kids. And I’m the principal, head janitor, and occasionally I run the cafeteria!

I started out as a bank teller and worked my way up to bank branch manager. I was a financial advisor from 2000 to 2010, which was the worst time. It’s called the Lost Decade because many people did not make money in the market. Later, I got a job working for an insurance company and then I transitioned into being a broker. For the past 10 years I have been working with seniors helping them with Medicare, securing their savings, and insurance. I cover eastern Oregon and I’ve been working out of Baker for about eight years.

In costume for Shrek the Musical 2021

All our kids have different personalities. We say everybody has a different love language. When you have nine different children, you have to learn how each one wants to communicate. One of my daughters likes to spend time with me while I just listen to her. Another likes me to sit next to her while she’s working on her computer and I’m working on mine. One daughter is an artist and I made up a little gallery for her in my office. That’s her way of expressing love. One of my sons has Asperger’s so he had challenges growing up. Now he’s 20 and has a food service job for 20 hours a week. He’s just a great kid and he’s turning into a great, kind of quirky, adult. This summer we rented a 31 foot motor home and traveled the country together for three weeks. It was eight of us at first and then at one point it was 11 people because we picked up my daughter’s family down in Texas. It was our first time RVing and everyone especially enjoyed visiting Mount Rushmore.

I also teach chess to kids. It’s usually kids who are home schooled or kids in the community. Sometimes it’s chess clubs or adults who want to learn. I teach the basics of chess, how each piece moves, some strategies, how to keep score and keep track of your moves, how to use the timer, and which people to follow in the sport. It’s just like any sport. We have the community sports where we teach kids to enjoy soccer or baseball, so that’s what I do with chess. I get people to where they can enjoy playing a game. I tend to be a logical thinker and I like the logic of chess. There’s no luck involved, it’s one of the few sports where there’s no luck or chance.

Chess Anyone?

I think people are very important. I mean insurance is important, money, and all that and you should always do the right thing for people. I believe in the end what really matters is the time we spend with our family and what we invest in people. When people are at the end of their life, nobody says I wish I’d spent more time at work or made one more sale. Everyone mentions their family. We all want to spend our final moments around people we love. That is why I am passionate about what I do both inside and outside the office.”

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