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Clemens Family – Baker City

Now we have the front porch I dreamed of having.

“We originally came to Baker from Fruitland wanting to make new memories. When looking at homes, this front porch spoke to us as it was small, friendly, and expressed a less stressful atmosphere. We had found this house the second day it was on sale and put in an offer. Now we have the front porch I dreamed of having. We also recently found out more about this house from when it was first built. It makes sense now after hearing ten kids used to live here because as we cleaned out the garden beds and yard, we kept finding toys and trinkets buried everywhere!”

“Something else we really enjoy about Baker is the hometown atmosphere. We hear the music, go to the cookie crawl, and just overall small town friendly. We know all of our neighbors as well; most everyone around us is retired. I also didn’t expect to work, but now that I have a job, many are my age and it’s nice.”

Mr. Clemens first started working at a prison in Fruitland, and it changed his life. “The guys connected with me I think because I’m truthful. When we had graduation, they would be crying because they understood what was being said and it changed their lives.” He then started working at the prison here. “It is more of a Christian-based curriculum. It is a seven month course, and I went there twice a week.”

“I am anxious to meet more people, especially those that woodcarve as it is another thing I do. After growing up in Japan and moving often in the United States, this is my favorite place to be.”