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Churchill Haunted Studios Gang of Ghouls – Baker City

Annabel the abandoned doll likes to creep-out adults, Moogyman likes to scare his family members, and the Vortex Spirit will happily escort your soul to the light. Where the haunt are we? We’re in Churchill Haunted Studios and no one is safe from these ghouls!

The creeps, fiends, goblins, and unearthly spirits that inhabit the basement at Churchill School Friday through Sunday during October are having a great time making visitors uncomfortable. “I like to just creep on people and make them feel uneasy.” Forest Witch “Groups of teenagers, when there’s big groups, are the best to spook because they trigger each other. You just scare the first couple and they’ll scare the rest.” Creeper. “I might sound mean, but small children have the best screams.” Werewolf “I’m in it for the screams!” Moogy “I like scaring children because they have the most imaginative minds.” Vortex Spirit “I can just kind of follow a person around and they get creeped-out by me. It’s really fun. Seeing people’s reaction is the best part, especially if they are friends.” Dead Doll.

The cast, crew, and organizers of Churchill Haunted Studios are a jovial theater troupe playing for screams and scares rather than applause. Their artistry and attention to detail cannot be absorbed in just one pass. “When people come down the slide they are always like wow! It’s like an immersive experience and they’re always so surprised by it, and I love that they can’t escape right back out, they’re just fully in the dungeon, they’re stuck.” Annabel “My favorite part is definitely all the diversity, the creativity. I love how just everything is different everywhere you look.” The Haunt Makeup Artist “It’s so cool and artistic.”

For Brigid and Blake Musselman, and Corrine and Brian Vegter, the artists and organizers of the haunt, this is a labor of love and fun. “We are a great team and have the range of skills and experience for building everything we need. Blake has a knack for the the detailed painting. I love detailed art. I can just keep adding detail on top of detail. Corrine is our metal and wood worker and has a background in makeup. We all love the costuming and making props and special effects.” Brigid “I aim for an altered experience, I want to transport visitors. That’s what I think about when I’m building props like the ticket shack – it starts even before you enter the basement.” Corrine “I love the ‘making’ of the haunt, and the excitement. And the acting. It’s all one big thing and I just really enjoy making it.” Blake Cast members, ranging in age from 8 to 60-something, are all-in on the fun too: “I really like participating with community and I just love Churchill. This is a great way to participate and collaborate and it’s just fun.” Creeper “Aside from scaring people I really like being here hanging out with friends. It’s just fun to hang out with them and then mess with people in the process.” Werewolf

Halloween weekend is the last week for the haunt this year. Tickets are available at the door, but advanced tickets are advised. You can buy them on the Churchill website: https://www.churchillbaker.com/haunted-studios.html